Why does it change the filter name when I click the filter?


In 3.1.x version, it clicks normally, but in 3.2 (cutting edge version) and later, a name change cursor appears once I click, making it uncomfortable.

What’s the problem?

That happens sometimes. I’ll have a look.

Until then, pease click on the icon to select the filter.

I fixed it (kind of, I disabled the in place editing. It will show the filter editing dialog when you double click as it was intended and it allows to edit the name there).

Thank you.
I’m currently at the latest version 3.2 (3180) and it’s still being renamed with one click, what should I do?

I need to prepare a new version before you get the changed behavior. Will do so hopefully later today.

Thank you for your efforts.

I uploaded a new version.

I checked. Thank you.