Why Glyphs isn’t keep in only one desktop? Appear in all desktops at the same time instead

I works in many desktops at the same time, a couple of months ago glyphs keeps in only one of them, (as every single app in Mac). But now isn’t possible to switch desktops without Glyphs 3 keeps in only one of them. Appear in all desktops at the same time instead.

I have had a comparison with Glyphs 2 and this last keeps in only desktop, please if someone knows what could I do lmk!

This looks strange, maybe this was caused by a script that you ran?

Try running the following code in the Macro Panel (WindowMacro Panel):

cb = Font.parent.windowController().window().collectionBehavior()
cb = cb & ~1

Click Run and see if that fixes the situation.

First of all, thanks for replied!

Regarding the code you sent, didn’t works :frowning: Anything happened, no pop ups, no messages, anything :frowning:

Running the script should not show any message.

Does the font window still move from one space to the other?

Yeah, it still!

Try running this code:

for window in Glyphs.windows():
    cb = window.collectionBehavior()
    cb = cb & ~1

The text “done” should appear and the problem should end:

Did not works either… :frowning:

Do you have Python installed?

If not, go to WindowPlugin ManagerModules and click Install next to the Python module. Wait for it to install, then relaunch Glyphs and try running the code again. The text “done” should appear in the lower half of the Macro Panel window and the problem should be fixed.

  • I have Python 3.11.5 version installed (I just updated)

  • Glyphs is working with Python 3.10.11, I do not know why…

  • The text “done” appear below but did not work.

  • I deleted glyphs module manually from repository and reinstalled it again but either worked.

  • Actually after doing this, many plugins crashed!

Is the window still moving automatically from space to space? Then this looks like there is some system configuration that needs to be changed.

Do you mean it is not working? What is not working?

Can you restore the module like it was before? Maybe that helps with the plugins.

Screenshot 2023-09-05 at 11.10.43 AM

Fix it!