Why I can not combine two components?

I have a problem with combining two components into one? But i can’t find out the reason.

Here’s the video

I cannot really tell from the video, but maybe it has to do with your path direction. Try one of these things: correct path direction before merging ( there should be a command of the same name in the paths menu). Or, simply use Filter > Remove overlaps instead of the button in the pilot.

Can you send me the .glyphs file (to support at this domain)?

Assuming you meant Paths not components;
If the paths are set to correct direction as mekkablue mentioned ; try to have one adjusted with a little of overlapping the other path, this is to avoid the situation of “micro- void” in between.

The path operation in the transform panel are not 100% yet. That’s why I don’t use it by default and like to get the sample file to debug it.

You can try the ‘Remove Overlap’ filter. It uses a different algorithm.

Of Course! Can I have ur email address?

I have already try many kind of path direction including correct path direction , but it still can not combine.

Send it to: support (at) (this domain)

This domain is this website without the ‘www’.