Why is 'Select Sample Text' Disabled?

I just purchased Glyphs, and I completed the designs of /A/ through /R/. For some reason, the ‘Select Sample Text…’ command in Edit is not enabled. I saved, I closed and re-opened the app, and I searched the manual and the forum for reasons why this would be disabled. I exported the font as an OpenType file and the font worked in my text editor.

What are the conditions that need to be true in order for that menu item to be enabled?

Were you in Font View? You have to have a glyph cell open, then it will be available.

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Yes, @George_Thomas is right: you need to be in edit view. The menu command sets the content of the current edit tab.

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Thank you, @George_Thomas and @mekkablue. Didn’t realize that was necessary. Thanks for the quick response!