Why my combining smallcaps diacritics are not zero spaced and moved to the left?

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I just discovered Glyphs automatically set the spacing to zero move to the left my lc and .case combining diacritics but it does not do the same for the .sc serie. Why?


What are the glyph names you are using?
Are you using custom naming?
Which app version?
You can force the nonspacing subcategory by selecting the glyph(s) in font view and editing its info (Cmd-Opt-I).

dieresiscomb.sc dotaccentcomb.sc gravecomb.sc acutecomb.sc hungarumlautcomb.sc circumflexcomb.sc caroncomb.sc brevecomb.sc ringcomb.sc tildecomb.sc macroncomb.sc commaaccentcomb.sc cedillacomb.sc ogonekcomb.sc

Version 2.5.2 (1160)

The problem is that the subcategory defaults to Smallcaps when what you need is Nonspacing.

  1. Select in Font View.
  2. Edit > Info for Selection (Cmd-Opt-I)
  3. Set subcategory:

Yes, I saw it. But shouldn’t Glyphs detect and set the right subcategory automatically as it does with .case diacritics?


There is a conflict because the .sc suffix triggers the Smallcaps subcategory, and the core glyph name ending in comb triggers the Nonspacing subcategory. But you are right, the Smallcaps subcategory does not make sense with the Mark category. I believe it has been on our list for a while. I’ll see if I can bump it up so @GeorgSeifert can take care of it in the upcoming beta.

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I fixed the category for the accents with .sc suffix.


I am seeing the same thing happen with legacy diacritics. A client tried to do emoji like stuff with them and they were zero spacing (font exported in latest G3).

I had to go through the glyph info subcategory and mark the legacy ones as spacing to force them to export like so.

This seemed to solve the issue.

The legacy marks should be “Spacing” by default. Do you have a custom glyphData file laying around?