Why only horizontal hints when autohint() via Layer Geek?

I can only get horizontal hints when autohinting() via Layer Geek. Why? How Can I get V and H autohint in batch?


What exactly is the code you are passing to LayerGeek?


I think it has to do with a (known) bug in the autohint algorithm where hints will not get hooked up to nodes.

A workaround should be possible. Why are you inserting hints with LayerGeek rather than with the Autohint export option?

Because I needed to correct some bad auto hints, then I realised when you hint manually a component the main letter is not hinted (the hinting tutorial should warn about it). And you recommended the LayerGeek workaround to someone in this forum, but it turns out you only get horizontal hints with it.

Glyphs really needs a way to manually edit PS hints.

Huh? You can manually add PS Hints.

But you can’t edit them. And as I told you, if the problem is in one composite, the other glyph won’t have hints and the solution you advised (autohint() with LayerGeek) was no good because of a bug.
PS Autohinting is far from perfect and if you need to correct something there is no way to solve the problems by hand.

Of course you can edit manually added PS hints. You must mean something else, I suppose?

Can you send me the .glyphs file? To support (at) (this website without www), and indicate the problematic glyphs please. I would like to take a look.

Ops! I found the way. Thanks.

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