Width of glyphs using components with alternative layers

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in my variable font, which has a upright master and a italic master, i have an dotless i, which is a straight line in the upright layer and has a small swash final alternate in the italic layer. the italic layer’s glyph width is wider because it has the swash terminal. when the alternative layer is switched, also the glyph gets wider.

anyway, i also have an i with dot which uses the dotless i as a component. it also switches to the alternative layer correctly however, trying it in the woff2 export in safari, the width of the i with dot does not switch to the size of the dotless i component. this is a screencast in safari:


however in glyphs 3, using variable font preview 3, the width of the i with dot is increased correctly when the layer of the dotless i is switched.


might this be a problem with safari? or with the woff2 export?

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Try it in FontGoggles. And export from the current 3.2 beta.

Using glyphs 3.2 (3177) for the export, i get the same result in FontGoggles as i got in Safari:

Then it is a Glyphs bug. Thanks for spotting.

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Can you send me the file for testing?

This is an ongoing odyssey, workarounds worked in some versions, then didn’t in others, etc.:

I fixed it for automatically aligned glyphs. Not sure what to do with not auto-aligned components.