Wildcard (*) search in "Find…" (Cmd+F) dialogue

Just a small thing, but would speed up my workflow a lot. Useful particularly in the context of this project, a handwriting typeface with a custom glyph naming system. I’m constantly doing quick searches for glyphs in an Edit tab, and would find the use of an asterisk as a wildcard invaluable, for instance whilst searching for any /r with a glyph name of r.**2ho. I have too many glyphs to simply type r. and scroll.

I know I could/should leverage the power of List and Smart Filters (and do, frequently, for other needs), but this is more of a system that takes valuable time to implement. In this case a wildcard would enable me to achieve what I need much more quickly and with less effort.


Instead of wildcards, just separate the pieces you like to look for with spaces. like "r. 2h0".

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Oh my goodness, perfect. Game changer. Thank you!!