Will my Glyphs license work with Glyphs 3?

Hello, I have bought a licence for Glyphs, should this work for Glyphs 3?

Glyphs 3 is the latest version of Glyphs, so if you recently bought a Glyphs license, it will work with Glyphs 3.

Thanks for your reply. Oddly, when I open Glyphs 3 drag the licence file in, it doesn’t validate. Might I need a new licence file?

Does the file name end in .glyphs3License?

I think it would end in .glyphsLicence because I bought it about a year ago. Does it expire after a year? I can’t find the file today, it was a while ago that I tried dragging it in. When it didn’t work I started the trial for Glyphs3, which has now ended.

I found it. The file is called Liam Morrow.glyphs2License

I also forgot to mention that I’m using a different computer now. If I uninstall the application and licence on my old machine should this licence work on my new one for glyphs3?

As you see on the number in the file name, this license is for Glyphs 2, not for Glyphs 3. You can download Glyphs 2 here: https://updates.glyphsapp.com/latest2.php

Okay, thanks for clarifying. Then I can update to Glyphs 3 for a 50% discount.

But did you really buy the license just a year ago? Where did you get it. We don’t sell it any more since the release of Glyphs 3.

No, my license file is dated 20 March 2020. Before the free upgrade window, but still eligible for the 50% discount right? Based on what I read in the upgrade terms. I bought it directly from the Glyphs site, if memory serves.