WinAscent - vertical metrics exporting to otf


I have some problems exporting to otf from Glyphs Mini. The main thing is that even if I choose 1000 as units per Em, after exporting I have 1250. So 250 has been added and I can’t control it.

Then, when I look into font metrics in a windows software, I can see other parameters that I couldn’t configure in Glyphs:

  • WinAscent
  • WinDescent
  • hhea Ascender
  • hhea Descender
  • Typo Ascender
  • Typo Descender
  • Line Gap
  • Typo Line Gap

The only parameters I can adjust in Glyphs mini:

  • Units per Em
  • Ascender
  • Caps Height
  • x-Height
  • Descender
  • Italic angle

Could you help me please with this issue?


They are automatically calculated based on your ascender and descender values. If you want to set them manually, you can use a custom parameter. But in this case, it is imperative that you know what you do:


first of all, thank you for your help.

I’m using glyphs mini and I can’t find the custom parameters section in the font info.

do you know where can I adjust that?

thank you again

The vertical metrics are calculated from the values you can set in the interface according to this:

The UPM is not changed. So I wonder where do you get the 1250 from.

Hi, I’m having a very similar issue with Glyphs Mini so I thought I’d resurrect this thread. Even with “Descender” set to zero, I get some extra white space at the bottom of the glyphs.

I’ve just downloaded the demo version of Glyphs, and by setting the hhea and typo values manually I get the desired result (a perfect square area).

Is there a way I can achieve the same result in Glyphs Mini, or do I have to purchase Glyphs to be able to do that?

Kind regards,

The values are derived from your Ascender and Descender values, but the default calculation is a little more complex, it will always 20% to the height. You can post-edit the OTF in a software like OTMaster or experiment with the metric values until you find something that fits you.

Thanks a lot for your answer, I appreciate it. I’ve tried many different combinations in Glyphs Mini, but no luck I’m afraid – there’s always that extra space. The good news is that once the hhea and typo values have been customised in Glyphs, it seems that they’re baked in the file and stay there even if I open the file back in Glyphs Mini and make changes to the rest of the font. So right now I’ve got everything working fine, it’s just slightly worrying that if I need to make any changes to these values I’ll eventually need Glyphs. It’d be awesome if Mini had that feature available. :smile:

Once again, thank you very much.

I deem it unlikely that this is going to be added to Mini. There is a reason why we differentiate between Glyphs and Glyph Mini. So, in the long run, you have two options, either upgrade to Glyphs, or post-process the exported OTF with third-party software like fonttools/ttx or OTMaster.