Winding Directions error

Hello there! I have some problems uploading files to the site Constantly shows an error “Glyph contours have correct winding directions”.
I checked all the letters for overlapping contours, cleaned all the contours - the result is the same. I tried to do this via Fontlab - there are no such problems.
The only thing that helps is rounding the coordinates. But not always.
In General, I can live with this, if rounding coordinates did not spoil and did not change the overall shape so much. The settings are set to grid spacing-0. Do you have a solution to get around this issue as painlessly as possible with “winding directions”? Thanks

This is longstanding issue with the validator at myfonts. We have reported it a few times.
Fontlab might round the coordinates by default, that might explain why it works there.
Why did you set the grid to zero when a subsequent rounding is OK?

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Do you know if they accept fonts with this error?
I’ve been drawing monogram fonts for a long time, but only in vector graphics. Now there are a lot of them, I am trying to bring them to the font. To do this, I need to copy them from the illustrator. Therefore, I disable snapping to the grid(set the grid to zero). I thought it might somehow affect the distortion when rounding coordinates. But I understand that most likely I need to somehow correct the contours after rounding the coordinates. You have made an amazing product, after the trial period I am planning to buy the full version. Thanks for your work!

Please rise a support issue with myfonts (please add me to it if you like).

But Maybe you can clean up your paths that you don’t need the fractional coordinates?

Hello there,

Going through the same issue over and over! Did they accept your font?

Thank you for sharing your experience!