Window Switching not working properly

Hello, I have set the keyboard shortcut Option+Tab to switch between windows in macOS (“Move focus to next window”). In every app this works fine, except for Glyphs.

On my MacBook with Monterey, there are no issues, but on my Mac Mini with Ventura, window switching often stops working. Sometimes it works again once, but then it stops working again. Switching tabs with Control+Tab works fine.

Any ideas what the issue could be? Thanks!

On German keyboard I always use (and I think is the default) Cmd+<. That works in all AppKit based apps.

Not sure why Option+Tab doesn’t work. I’ll need to try that.

Thanks, reverting back to Cmd+< works as expected, I’ll use that for now. Would love to be able to use Option+Tab though :slight_smile:

This shortcut stopped working for me in macOS 13.

I’m afraid the Cmd+< doesn’t work either, I noticed. Same behaviour as with any other custom shortcut. I can’t quite figure out a reproduction way, but it very rapidly stops working. But, for instance generating a new glyph in text mode makes it work again, but only once.

That seems to be a bug in MacOS. Not sure what I can do about it