Windows Naming Help

Hi guys,

I exported a font for a client and everything is fine for me. I also checked on DTL and nameIDs look fine too.

However the client had problems installing the font because of this:

What nameID correspond to this “Name of the font”? (RED ARROW)

Thanks in advance

What exactly is the problem? Which error message did he get when he tried to install?

I’m not sure because I can’t reproduce it. But he sent me this pictures and said this:

“Once they download Bold for example, they get it with the name ‘Guerlain Sans’ and then it blocks them to download the Regular because it has the same name.”

unnamed unnamed-1

Actually it’s related with style linking:
I removed style-linking on the Instances panel and now it shows up correctly (as the client need)

Now these files don’t have style linking, what it’s not correct. My question is: Can I have both? Style-linking + the name ‘Guerlain Sans Bold’ displaying as I need?