Wingding /icon /emoji font with colors for mac and PC?

Can I use Glyphs to create a Wingding /icon /emoji font with colors, that will work for both mac and PC? (if so) Can I paste in SVG images that I already created in Affinity Designer, into Glyphs? And what file format would I save the font in?

Have a look at the SVG color font tutorial:

Note that color fonts and their various formats are not well supported across apps and operating systems. So, making them work across Mac, Windows, and different software like the Office apps or Adobe’s apps is very difficult.

Thank you, and also darn! I thought Color wingdings that worked (easily) across operating systems and apps was going to solve a lot of problems for me and it was going to be be my main justification for purchasing Glyphs 3 over Glyphs Mini 2 (which otherwise might be more of a want than an need, for me - I also wanted to experiment with making my own font, and having all the tools, but that is starting to feel like an involved, intimidating project that might not ever come to fruitation).

Give it a try. You should be up and running in a few days.