Woff2 failed to generate in Version 3.0.4

In the version I am currently using, no .woff2 files are generated.
Version 3.0.4 (3108)

Works for me. How big is your file? It might take some time until the compression is finished?

Thanks Georg — The file is not really big (currently 344 glyphs), and only 2 styles are active for export. Woff works fine… I have not generated any web files in Glyphs3 since mid-September, until then Woff2 worked. I can switch to Glyphs2 in the meantime. Thx Nik

What version of macOS do you have?
Can you try a different file?

Unfortunately, exports from other files don’t work either, where this still played under Glyphs 3.0.4 (3091).
I am working on an older system - macOS 10.13.6 - could this be a reason why it fails since the last Glyphs update to 3.0.4 (3108)? Thx Nik

I fixed it. It is a problem with the older macOS.

Great, thanks a lot for taking into account for the next version.

oh no… just realize I can’t export woff2 anymore, because of the last update (Glyph 3.0.4 on Mac Book 13" Debut 2015 os 10.13). Update to new Mac OS Catalina afraid me a lot. Any chance to rewind for this feature ? Any suggestion to convert woff into woff2 on 10.13 ? Should I try an older Glyph version ?

Thank you very much by advance.

What error message do you get?

You can try the latest cutting edge version by going to the preferences (GlyphsPreferences…Updates), selecting Show cutting edge versions and clicking Check Now.

This is really surprising… I have no error message, but anyway I’m exporting the font, off, tff et woff are generated but the woff2 file is not. I’m already using the lasts Glyph version 3.0.4 (3108).
I had to use an online converter to deliver my files on time… a bit confused

Can you try the latest cutting edge version? That should be fixed there.

woff2 — it works !! thanks a lot — very happy !