Won't past in place from Illustrator

I have set up a 2048pt x 2040pt Illustrator file to design icon fonts and I sam trying to copy and paste them into Glyphs where the UPM is also set to 2048 but the artwork never pastes in place. Can anyone help? Cheers

Did you read the tutorial? http://www.glyphsapp.com/tutorials/importing-from-illustrator

I’ve been following the Lynda.com course, Creating Icon Fonts Web
http://www.lynda.com/Glyphs-App-tutorials/Creating-Icon-Fonts-Web which has been guiding me through the process. I had read of that document but it doesn’t tell me any more information. I’ve tried setting the origin point in Illustrator to top left, bottom left and the baseline but it always places the artwork in the same spot. See this screenshot, http://www.stephenflynn.com/temp/glyphs.jpg

Adobe changed the way to set the page origin. You have to do it in the orange settings, now. Before you could just drag the upper right corner into the page.

Thanks Georg but it doesn’t matter where I change the origin to in Illustrator. I never seems to copy the artwork into the right place.

Which version of AI are you using?
Did you follow the steps in the tutorial mentioned by Georg? There is also a chapter in the handbook about importing from Illustrator.