Word-o-mat - custom wordlist now broken

When I select a custom word list I immediately now get " The open file operation failed. and “The open file operation failed to connect to the open and save panel service.” Before I was able to use language corpora to offer Word-o-Mat lists to chew on for languages it didn’t already have including for Cyrillic-based ones. Just now I was hoping to do something for Georgian and found this error. Just for fun, I modified the plug in to offer me Georgian and I put a Georgian wordlist inside. The option comes up now but the result is immediately "no matching words found " no matter what other settings are used. I was careful to match the text file formatting of the other languages and the text file settings - UTF-8 and Unix CRs. I am using Glyphs Version 2.6.7 (1356). Would turning off some other plug ins help? Do I need to reinstall or delete a pref file?

Possible that the plug-in update for Glyphs 3 broke something for Glyphs 2.

Which OS are you running?

I am running 10.15.7 and Intel Core i7 ( not an m1 or other M chip )

The problem is the that the open dialog from the vanilla version used in Glyphs 2 is not working in 10.15 (and above) any more. I have fixed it in Word-o-mat.

Thank you! I’ll reinstall it

It works here too. Thanks very much!