hi, i tried to install the word-o-mat, but it doesn’t produce anything else than a »__Master 0« to the output window. i followed georg’s script with the terminal to properly install the necessary libraries.

OS 10.9

shouldn’t it open a new tab with the words (like it does in robofont’s space center?) or am i missing something?

What happens if you run this in the macro window:
from robofab.world import CurrentFont
print CurrentFont()

it prints:

__Master 0

Can you load the latest objectsGS.py from https://github.com/schriftgestalt?

i’ll check that this evening for the osx.9

might be a maverics issue, since here my little report for meanwhile: on 10.7 it woks (nice!). only thing is, that if i have a font open, that has no design (like if you just opened a new document) it complains:

»No open document found; word-o-mat will output to the Output Window.« (also it does what it says, so also: nice)

just to let you know. no big deal

“case: ALL CAPS” produces no results (Glpyhs freezes for a moment but doesn’t crash)

I can’t even get Glyphs to restart after trying to install Word-O-Mat. (On 10.8.5)

Console says: Glyphs[31346]: <type ‘exceptions.NameError’>: global name ‘GlyphsFilterOffsetCurve’ is not defined

Edit: I’m having the same issue with the MakeCorner plugin so there’s something larger afoot.

Can you try to instal the latest version of the objectGS.py file (from GitHub to the Scripts folder)?

I already had. I’ll send some more info to support@…

My installation is now working. I’m seeing the same thing as jan with the ALL CAPS setting though.