Work on kerning in external editor

With the nice scripts from @mekkablue I can export kerning as a .csv file.

Is it possible to import such a file (or other) ? I sometimes like to alter the list in an external editor like textwrangler.

You can import the kerning from a UFO with File > Import > Metrics.

Not as a txt file or other flat files ?

You could have a look at the .glpyhs file itself.
We are working on a im/export solution for spacing/kerning. But I can’t find some time for it.

Hi Georg, of course !

The stuff you all (team) are doing with G2 is very nice ! Keep up the good work !

Yes, try opening a .glyphs file or an .ufo file in your text editor of choice. You can import that into Glyphs later with File > Import Metrics.

The CSV is for viewing in a spreadsheet app like Excel or Numbers, for finding omissions and mistakes. I have never been asked for the import script though. You really want to edit the CSV? Try the above suggestion first and let me know.

Ps: hoezo textwrangler? Textmate en Sublime kunnen verschillende regels tegelijk bewerken.

When using FL I was used to edit the metrics file. I had some scripts that worked better than the import/export function of FL.

I needed it for a project I am working on now, where I wanted to copy the uppercase kerning to smallcaps.

Textwrangler ? Got used to it in the long time. I only use it for preparing metrics files, typing features and preparing kerning strings.

I am not a coder or script writer :slight_smile:

So, what you really need is actually a script that copies uppercase kerning to small cap kerning. Let’s see what I can do about that.

No problem, can be fixed. Read these, please.
Well, yes, this time. But I often do also other stuff.

Ik ben blij dat je mij wilt helpen, maar intussen zijn de kleinkapitalen gekerned :slight_smile: Gebruik jouw waardevolle tijd voor waardevolle dingen !

Te laat, wat jammer: Metrics > Copy Kerning from Caps to Small Caps

Toch bedankt !!