Workflow for developing plugins?

Developing scripts is easy: You edit your script in your text editor of choice, make some changes, and you are able to re-run your script instantly. Easy and fast.
However, when developing plugins, you need to restart Glyphs each time you make a modification. This is rather slow and a PITA.
Is there a better way? faster? that does not involve restating Glyphs every time you make changes?
What’s your workflow when developing plugins?

Restarting for plugins is a system requirement.

What you can do is: (a) develop the algorithm as a script first, and at a later stage take it into the plugin framework, (b) right-click the dock icon, opt-downarrow, opt-Return on Force Quit and immediately click the icon again to restart the app.

I just happened to write a little script that works as a reporter-sketcher. You can write some PyObjC code, hit run and see the results live in the Edit Tab. It works without restarting Glyphs. And it is focusing on Reporter Behaviour so far. If anyone is interested, I’ll put it on my GitHub.