Workflow suggestion for subset of glyphs that shouldn't have filter applied on export?

I have an instance in which I’m having the filter GlyphsFilterRoundCorner applied during export. I now have a section of glyphs in which I don’t want the filter applied.

One option would seem to be:

  • create another font with those glyphs that should not be touched. Or an instance that only exports those glyphs without the filter applied.
  • export both as .otf
  • use AFDKO’s mergeFonts tool to add/replace those glyphs (without the filter applied) to the rounded .otf

Any other workflow suggestions?

Pretty good idea. We should be coming to you for workflow suggestions :slight_smile:

You can automate the merging with a shellscript or Applescript. I suggest you do it with two different instances in the same font, so you do not have to maintain two font files. After exporting, you just run the shellscript and you only have one extra click.

For now, I would make a list filter for all glyphs that you want to filter. Then generate the instance from the font menu, select the list filter and all glyphs in it and run the filter manualy. The seems to be easier the merging fonts.

The workaround Georg mentions works. Some things I don’t like as much about it:

  • The manual intervention upon every export.
  • Having to remember the parameters for the filter. Yes, they’re in my notes.
  • Slowness in waiting for UI to pop up parameters window when applying filter to 1,000+ glyphs.

I ended up marking the glyphs I didn’t want to have the filter run upon with a color, then creating a custom filter to display all glyphs that are not marked with that color.

Though I’d prefer to keep the glyphs in the same file, I may just split them out and use AFDKO’s mergeFonts tool, for now, unless another solution comes to mind.

In the beta 1.3.24b2 release notes, there’s mention of:
Instance filter have a include/exclude parameter now. Add “include:” or “exclude:” plus space or comma separated glyphs names

Is this supposed to work on the GlyphsFilterRoundCorner instance filter?

A quick test in 1.3.24b4 (517) didn’t seem to change anything. I tried each of the following:
GlyphsFilterRoundCorner; 15; 1; exclude:A,B,C
GlyphsFilterRoundCorner; 15; 1; include:B,C

In both cases, the A glyph had rounded corners.

Does an “include:” parameter imply that glyphs not listed should not have the filter applied?

In any case, when dealing with hundreds (or thousands) of glyphs, the parameter list could get large. It might be nice to have a way to have the filters applied to groupings of some sort, e.g., ranges, by label color, or some other mechanism. Just a thought.

[ For now, I’m doing suggested manual process of using “Generate Instance” to generate a temporary instance, selecting the 1,000+ glyphs to apply a filter, applying the filter, then exporting. ]

Can you use glyph classes with the include and exclude parameters? That would make it much easier to manage the sets.

Do you know that you can copy paste a custom parameter into a text editor (like TextMate). You can edit the glyph lists there and copy paste it back into Glyphs. That way it is much easier to manage.

I will try to find a better interface for the filters but that is not top priority right now.

Related: as I’ve mentioned before, I’m hoping that some day Glyphs will allow multiple lines of the same parameter. That way if I decide against having a custom /f/ for my bold instances, I can just delete the “replace f.bold for f” parameter, rather than digging through the long list of glyphs looking for the /f/ in one “replace glyphs” parameter. This is especially irksome to deal with if the glyph list is so long that it scrolls off the window.

The more important part of my note above is whether the “include:” and “exclude:” instance filter parameters are supposed to work with the GlyphsFilterRoundCorner filter and their definitions.

It didn’t work in my simple tests.

I just had a look at it and found a small bug. if there is a space between the semicolon and the “exclude/include” then it is ignored. Will fix this.

Thanks, Georg.

The exclude/include instance filter parameters save me several minutes on each export (before: waiting for the Round Corners Filter popup after selecting over 1,500 glyphs and then waiting for the filter to be applied). Now, I can skip those long steps and the separate Generate Instances step. Much better as part of the export process.

You should be able to have several "Remove Glyphs" and "Rename Glyphs" entries.