Working with advanced contextual alternates

Hello, I am currently working on a script font project that is quite complex, consisting of a total of 1640 glyphs and incorporating 20 stylistic alternate groups. My aim is to develop the font using contextual alternates, but I have encountered challenges in creating classes with an equal number of glyphs. The process seems extremely complicated and almost impossible to achieve.

I have thoroughly studied the guide on contextual alternates, but I am struggling with the creation of classes that require an equal number of glyphs. Additionally, I have attempted to utilise the mekkablue script, which generates a pseudorandom calt feature, but unfortunately, it hasn’t produced any results and it was not working for this specific project. I believe the extended and intricate configuration of the stylistic sets is complicating matters further.

At this stage, I am seeking your guidance and expertise. If it is possible, I would greatly appreciate any advice you can offer regarding the best approach for creating classes in this context. If necessary, I am more than willing to share the Glyphs file, so you can better understand the complexities and provide more specific assistance.

Thank you in advance for your time and support. I eagerly await your valuable insights and suggestions.

This depends on the effect that you want to achieve with the contextual alternatives.

Could you post screenshots/mock-ups of how it should look?

This is just an example of the first three ss features and this is an example of a desired simple 1 2 3 cycle substitution for now.

Do you know why it didn’t work?

I suppose it is due to the complexity and extend of the set up of ss features? I am not sure!

Are you sure you understand the meaning of suffixes? ss01, ss02, ss03 are not meant to be a sequence, they are independent options. It’s still not quite clear what you want to achieve, but perhaps can help you understand how to write it.

Here’s another script (instructions) in case you want randomization.

Dear Alex thanks for your comments and help. Suffixes meaning is clear to me. The screenshots are just examples of glyphs that I would like to group into dedicated open type classes. I am trying to achieve a similar effect to the following fonts.
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