Working with components in Italic

I there

I’m having a problem align my components in an italic design.
I’ve tried reverse the contours, i must be missing something.
I send a screenshot to better understand what’s my problem.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hey :slight_smile:

Does the corner start in origin point?
Are the contours all in the same direction?
Is it right aligned?

Hi there rapazote

Many thanks for your reply.
Yes everything’s seem fine, but it still doesn’t work.

Could you take a screenshot of the corner component?

Hi there Tosche

Here’s a screenshot of the component.


Could you align the opening and ending nodes at the italic angle? That will give more horizontal result (not always, but more precise). Note the said angles and the position of the opening node (0,0).

Or, you may want to select the top node and set its x=0 (now it is slanted).

And try different alignments in the great info box.

Problem solved :slight_smile: .
Many thanks Tosche, mekkablue and rapazote.

My best regards