Working with new variable style export

I’m currently working to update a font fam. with a variable style but I have some difficulties to identify all the required personal parameters. I have tried things and things but not really a success. I have read this ressource but it’s not very clear

  • What are the good parameters to set for the proper functioning of the font family?
  • The font menu in Illustrator shows duplicate instances

If you could help me , it would be great

Are you sure you are looking at the latest version of the exported font. Remove all font until the app complains about the missing font and then export again.

And read this: Eliminating font cache problems | Glyphs and Testing your fonts in Adobe apps | Glyphs

A way to get duplicate instances in a VF is when you export two sets of instances from one Glyphs files, e.g. with two different family names. Don’t know if this might be the case here, but a custom parameter to exclude an instance name from being written to the VF would be nice.

Plusiers choses :
Le champ “Nom” correspond au nom de l’instance affichée par défaut. Donc pour éviter des problèmes avec le Variable Font Origin, écris le nom de l’instance qui correspond au master qui est sélectionné comme Variable Font Origin (le premier, si t’as pas ajouté le paramètre personnalisé “Origine de la police variable”).
Pour créer une famille variable séparée de la famille statique, aujoute le paramètre personnalisé “Noms de familles localisés”. Tu y écris, comma dans ta capture d’écran, “Sofia Pro VAR”.

Ça te donnera une famille “Sofia Pro” (statique) et une famille séparée “Sofia Pro VAR”, les deux avec leurs propres instances.

TLDR in English:

  • “Name” field is for the name of the default instance (corresponds to the Variable Font Origin)
  • Set the custom parameter “Localised Family Names” to the name of your variable font family
  • This allows you to export two families, one static, one variable, each with its own instances

Some issues (and the above solutions) were already discussed here:

Since this question comes up occasionally, it might be worth slightly rethinking the UI for the variable font settings. Adding a custom parameter to create a separate variable family might be rather confusing, especially with the “Name” field, which is not explained any further.

Thanks Georges for you answer. This is very helpful to manage the font testing process.

Merci de votre réponse en français. C’est vraiment cool de prendre du temps. Je me permets de répondre en français. Voici ce que j’ai fais en reprenant une par une les fenêtres de “Font info”. J’espère ne pas m’être trop trompé

Ici le panneau Masters

Là, le panneau général de styles

Une instance (Ultra light)

Tu parles du paramètre ‘Variable font Origin’ dans ta réponse mais je ne vois pas trop ou le mettre ?

PS : je peux continuer en anglais si tu preferes. Merci

Font Info > Font

Je préfère en français, mais c’est peut-être mieux de continuer en anglais pour que tout le monde comprenne, vu que c’est une matière qui revient régulièrement :wink:

There are a few issues in the screenshots:

  1. Variable Font Settings:
  • Name: Name of the default instance (see my screenshot). Corresponds to the Variable Font Origin. You can set this parameter in Font Info > Font. If it is not set, it will be the first master of the font. In your case, set “Name” to Ultra Light, unless you change the variable font origin.
  • Localised Family Name: Sofia Pro VAR (like in your screenshot, this is correct)
  1. Instance parameters:
  • Variable Style Names: Needs to be the instance name you want displayed. This is necessary if you have sub-families (like “Sofia Pro Condensed”), but want to include all widths in the variable font. Then you would set the style name to Ultra Light, but the variable style name to Condensed Ultra Light.
    In your case, as you don’t have different subfamilies, you can delete the Variable Style Names parameter.
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Thanks for your answer. I have fixed the last issues you’ve mentioned.I did some new export tests and it seems to be better now. I also added the custom parameter “variable font origin” with the master Light. The family is now ready for live.

The font menu in Illustrator is now correct

The font panel in font info with the custom parameter 'Variable Font Origin"

Thanks again for your help. I really appreciate

Hello, someone know how to delete “Localised Family Names” parameter in the font infos ?

Hold down the option key. Then the plus will become an minus.
Or select the row and press Cmd+delete.

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