Wrong caretSlopeRise and caretSlopeRun

Hi, latest Cutting Edge version 3.2 (3187) seems to set wrong hhea.caretSlopeRise and hhea.caretSlopeRun in Italics.

Latest stable version 3.1.2 (3151) set them fine.


What angle do you have?

Italics have 7°

And what values do you get in the hhea table?

This is what comes out from fontbakery:

hhea.caretSlopeRise and hhea.caretSlopeRun do not match with post.italicAngle. Got: caretSlopeRise 8 and caretSlopeRun 1 Expected: caretSlopeRise 1000 and caretSlopeRun 123 [code: caretslope-mismatch]

And this generating from Glyphs stable 3.1.2(3151), using FontTableViewer:

Captura de pantalla 2023-04-20 a les 16.10.23

That error message is not entirely correct. The 1/8 (7.13°) is almost as good as 123/1000 (7.01°). But that made me look into the algorithm again. And now it finds 7/57 (7.001°). As fare as I can see, there is no requirement to use 1000 as rise. It is only much easier to compute.

Something to report to fontbakery then…

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