Wrong master is shown in TT instruction view

[Glyphs v.2.2.1 and 2.2.2]

Three problems

One of the fonts I’m working on has 1000 UPM and three masters.
When switching from the my external ’old-school’ display to the built-in retina display the TT instruction view choose to show the ’red outline’ from one of the other master layers, not the one I’m currently working on. (It seems to bee irreversible btw).

When instructing a font with an UPM size above a 1000 UPM (in this case 1440) the ’red outline’ won’t correlate with the letter outline.

Is the ’TTFStemSetting’ active? Can I edit it at all?


It shows your current Instance, not your master.

I believe it must be a power of two, e.g. 1024 or 2048 or 4096, etc. You can place a Scale to UPM parameter in your instance.

Not yet.

This might be a bug.

Ok, the Instance shown in this case is the Regular weight, but the ’red outline’ i showing a different instance (the medium wight). When I add ’stem hints’ or ’anchors’ the visual ppm referens won’t budge.

Dozenal or binary, it dosen’t seem to matter. I tried 2048 and it gives me even a larger difference.


You need to click on the eye icon in the lower left. That will show the instance popup where you can select what instance you see.

That did it! Thank you!


Ok, looking forward to a bug-fix.