Wrong metrics interpolations when width axis is present

I have noticed odd metrics interpolations in tabular figures when I have a width axis. For example, in my a file I have masters for Thin, Regular and Black. The tabular figure widths in these masters are 560, 580 and 580 respectively. However, when I have the wdth axis, the instances between Regular and Black end up narrower then they should. These are the figure widths for instances in the Normal extreme of the wdth axis (100).

Instance Is master? Tabular figure width
Thin YES 560 :white_check_mark:
Light 568 :white_check_mark:
Regular YES 580 :white_check_mark:
Medium 574 :x:
Bold 574 :x:
XBold 577 :x:
Black YES 580 :white_check_mark:

When I remove the condensed masters, everything between Regular and Black get the correct 580 width.

If you need some test files, just let me know.

Glyphs 2.6.5 (1342)

Can you send me the file?

I’ve just sent them to support [at] …

Also, maybe it is worth mentioning this is not an issue when exporting variable fonts.

I have found out there are also issues when using brace layers on a 3 axes setup, which indicate the issue might be with presence of a 3rd axis, not a width axis per se. The .glyphs file mentioned in the first post has the axes wdth, wght and ital.

In this other project I have the axes uixs (custom), wght and slnt. As you can see in the screencast below, the brace layers don’t really affect the interpolations when there are masters that vary on a 3rd axis. In fact, the regular master affect even weights beyond the brace layer. As soon as I remove these slnt masters the interpolations work as expected.


Can you send me the .glyphs file?

Absolutely! I’ve just sent it to support at…

We are working on it.