Wrong outlines move when moving open corner node

I have an open corner, and when I try to move a handle or node, it causes the outlines of the glyph shape to shift (ie both paths seem affected, when I only want the one connected to the point being moved to respond). Seems to happen some with overlapping paths too.

(Sorry, don’t know why video is so slow)

Screen Recording 2022-08-11 at 1.28.50 PM


The dark outline is the outline that results from the Remove Overlap operation. It shows what the actual outline will be on export. The jumping happens because the coordinates of the nodes of the exported outline are rounded. You can see how the corner where the two path segments meet is always at a grid position, even if the two path segments do not intersect exactly on a grid coordinate.

In most cases, this is fine since the rounded coordinate is very close to the non-rounded one. If you need to have even finer control over the exported outline, then you need to increase the UPM of your font.

Interesting. Appreciate the feedback.

I suppose I’m used to what happens in Glyphs 2, where the other path doesn’t move or snap to grid (just the handle I’m moving does, as expected).

Screen Recording 2022-08-11 at 2.09.58 PM

The intersection (or corner) of the outline shape does not snap to the grid here.

Was it a bug in Glyphs 2, and the shifting/snapping that occurs to both paths (as in first video) is now properly displaying in Glyphs 3 (ie a more accurate rendering of what the exported instance will be with point placement)?

Glyphs 2 also does the rounding, but only on export. Glyphs 3 previews this rounding directly so there are no surprises at export.

Got it, that is helpful. Thanks Florian.