Xheight attribute

I currently have a design space where two different masters have different x-heights (e.g. 550 and 500).
If I have an instance set directly in-between the two masters, I expect the x-height to be 525. If though I create brace layers for this instance and want the x-height to be something different e.g. 550, how can I define the x-height attribute to this?

I was hoping for an x-height attribute for the instance but I can’t see anything.

Why should have a brace layer or an instance have a different x-height?

Depending on the design I guess. If I wanted the Bold to have a higher x-height, but the Medium (and Regular) to be on a set level then I’d need to be able to specify the x-height to specific instances.

I can generate another master, but as it’s only the lowercase changing I was hoping to achieve it with brace layers and essentially a virtual master.

In this case you need an extra master as a setting of the x-height value will not help.

Ah okay. That makes sense!

Thanks for the update.