yehKashmiri-ar ring

yehKashmiri-ar needs its ring to be detached from the base letter (e.g. as if it were a dot below), but Glyphs uses ringbelow-ar for it and this ring is usually attached to its base and uses the ring anchor. I’m not sure if there is an existing ring glyph that uses the bottom anchor, or if a new one is needed.

For some cases, the components are more a suggestion than the final glyph. This might be one of those cases.

My concern is that I have seen fonts with the ring attached in these glyphs and people might miss it. Since a different ring glyph is needed anyway (unless one disables automatic alignment and position things manually), it might be better to standardize one.

Anyway it is a suggestion to help people avoid these kinds of mistakes, I’m decomposing everything in ccmp feature anyway and the composed glyphs are not actually used.

Is that detached ring needed anywhere else? Maybe we fix it by some anchor setup?

AFAIK, no, that is currently the only instance of detached ring.