Your best bits of advice to a Glyphs newcomer

I’m new to Glyphs and would like to make myself a schedule for learning how to design type. How would you suggest I get started ? What actions in Glyphs do I need to master first, where did you begin ?

That is a but broad question. There are several aspects to it. Most of learning type design is outside of Glyphs. Learning to draw shapes, understand rhythm and proportions.

Then go through the page. By then, you should have more specific question and you probably find answers in the tutorials or on the forum.

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I was just interested to hear how everyone else learnt, are you all self taught or through academic studies, if so where and what resources did you use ?

I’m “autodidact” typographer, but I received a lot of help from typographic forums and generous colleagues that sharing your knowhow. Because of this I try to sharing my workflow with the beginners I was one of this and I think that I still there because ever there’s something to learn.

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Hi. I started to really “get” Glyphs when I took this online class: It is presented in easily digestible videos by Charles Nix of Monotype.


Oh wow, I never knew Linkedin did training. This is perfect thanks !

The tutorial is actually on

Linda has merged with LinkedIn so from now on it’s actually through ‘LinkedIn Learning’