Zoom & position Question

I would like to know if there is a way to adapt this glyphs zoom option.

Basically when I change from master A to master B (I change some stuff here), and then I come back to master A, I want Glyphs to keep the zoom and position as I left it before going to the master B. Do you understand me?

What version do you have?

I need to do some kind of correction as the position of the layer in the edit view can change quite a bit. There was some complains some time ago and I thought I improved it to work well (enough?).

I’m using 2.5b (1116). I recorded a video to explain, because I’m not sure if I explained myself properly:

zoom glyphs 2.zip (1.2 MB)

In the video, I’m start on the master5. I go to the master4 and I zoom in. When I come back to master5 the view changed relatively to first time I was on the master5 .

What I would like to know is if it’s possible to change from one master to another, but the zoom in/out I do on the master I’m working doesn’t affect the other masters.

Sometimes glyphs behaviour is totally wrong and changes the view to some zones with just white space.

You can do this already if you keep your masters in different tabs. Then you switch with Cmd-Opt-2, 3, 4, etc. (instead of Cmd-1, 2, etc.)

Great! thanks @mekkablue. Don’t you think it makes sense to behave the same when you use Cmd-1, 2, etc?

I don’t think so because (a) the problem is already solved with tabs (which is what they are here for), and (b) while it may appear sensible to you for the one problem you have now, it will be in the way in other situations, and especially for other people. If we change it to this behavior, I expect a lot of user complaints.

Ok, I understand your point. Even so, as you have it on Cmd-Opt-1 , I think it would be nice if people could decide and have the chance to apply the same behaviour to Cmd-1.