Zooming very slow in version 1178

Zooming in and out using Opt+ mouse wheel got very slow in 1178. Just reverted to 1176, where zooming is smooth. I am on an iMac with macOS 10.14.1.

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Sorry. I used the wrong Xcode to compile the app. I’ll fix that in a few minutes.

The new versions is up.

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Hi all,

I noticed that Speedpunk causes some slow zooming, when activated. When I switch it off (shift+cmd+x), everything is smooth. I am using version 1181.


Well, Speed Punk has always slowed down Glyphs, as there are a whole bunch of crazy calculations going on.
The question is: how slow is unacceptable?
I’m also running 1181 and I find it negligible.

Is it acceptable or not?

Since the update I noticed for the first time, that Speedpunk slows down Glyphs. The last Glyphs versions worked fine and smooth.

(it’s still okay, I just have to switch off Speedpunk much often)

That clearly sound like Georg needs to take a look at this.

The view drawing had to change quite a bit to make it work in Mojave. I needed to change quite some things and but that made it much faster than before. But now, some of the plugins have to be adjusted, too. I’ll have a look.

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@GeorgSeifert Do you have some ideas where Plugin developers can improve things? I’m trying to catch up with app and OS updates since I notice some problems with my plugins in Mojave as well. Unfortunately I don’t know exactly where to start. Is there some sort of documentation of Glyphs API items affected by Mojave?

The biggest difference is that ‘drawRect:’ is called several times for different parts of the edit view. So if someone is doing some processing along with the drawing, that is processed several times. I need to add another callback that tells the plugins ‘you will be asked to draw, please get ready’. And check if the region that is drawn is close by the current layer to avoid calling it to often.

Without the plugins, I got the frame rate up to 50-60Hz even with dozens of lines of text. So there is a real benefit to this change.

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Thanks so much for the info. I’ll investigate in that direction. For one example it seems that now in Mojave my Variable Font Preview doesn’t update its view when the sliders are moved. The update only happens when you resize this preview. I could fix it by calling some more setNeedsDisplay: in certain areas.

Also: Many thanks for the Frame Rate plugin. It’s super handy!

I made some changes today that should make the plugins work as before. I will upload a test version, soon.

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