_part glyph in ligature

Hi everyone!
I’m using _part. glyph for ligatures and digraphs, in the case of the f_i I use the f as a part and everything works well but for IJ, the J is a part and the glyph is not taking his width automatically.

Any idea why?

Best regards!

Because _part is not the name of a letter. Try J.IJ and deactivate its export.

You need to make the J-part a Letter. Select the _part.J in font view and press cmd+opt+I. Select ‘Letter’ from the category popup.

In my opinion it is not really useful to use a part component. You will only need two different shapes (the normal J and the one in the IJ) and no intermediate steps. So it is easier to just draw the IJ manually or use an alternate J glyph.

The name Im using is _part.J sorry for not be clear, thanks.

Thanks, I didn’t know this.

Oh ok, I use an alternate J, but I wanted to name it as _part. only because I like the name, is very descriptive of the purpose of the glyph.
Because Im not using it as a smart component maybe should I use a suffix instead of the _part. prefix.

Thank you both.

The problem is that the name until the first dot, i.e. _part is not recognized as a letter. So you have two options: either use a different name, as I suggested, or redefine it as a letter, as Georg suggested.