1.3.16, cannot move global guidelines

I am unable to move global guides with the keyboard or mouse in 1.3.16. I can move them by selecting them and typing in new x/y values. Is anyone else having this problem?

I’m seeing that Glyphs is not redrawing the global guide as I drag it, so it looks like I wasn’t able to pick it up, but when I release the mouse the guide has moved to the cursor’s location. Keypresses do nothing to move it.

Also, did there use to be a contextual menu item to convert global guides to local?

I’m filing a bug report.

They do, but they only redraw if you click anywhere on the canvas. No. What you do is cut the guideline and paste it. Any pasted guideline will automatically be local.

I did some more testing. Perhaps this is a workaround until it’s fixed: you can also force a redraw by pressing and releasing the Cmd key, the tab key or the spacebar. Switching to another letter (fn+left/right arrow) also forces a redraw.

If you have to do a lot of (live) dragging, you can temporarily convert it into a local guideline.

I fixed it.