1190 left mouse click error


Seems i’m experiencing some errors with the left mouse button after updating to 1190.

After moving a point it it stops registering left clicks, and then i have to hit space to get it to work again?

Is this an update error?

It works fine for me. What language do you use for the UI of Glyphs?

English. Still does it after updating to 2.6. Seems like it might be connected to selection tool shortcut (v). It is when jumping back and forth between tools or hitting ‘v’ twice (accidently) that the selection tools(left click) stops working, and then when hitting shift or space starts working again. But since it doesn’t seem like anyone else is experiencing this, the problem might be coming from somewhere else. It is only in Glyphs this occur though?

Try starting without plug-ins: hold down Option (Alt) and Shift when you start Glyphs. Does it still occur? If it is gone then, please post the list of plug-ins you have installed.

Still happening without plugins…

Can you reproduce it? If so, please make a quick screencast.

I think I can reproduce it myself now. Hitting V (or clicking on the tool button) repeatedly, and the Info box will disappear, and the Select tool does not register a click anymore.

Workaround until there is a fix: if it happens, any change that triggers a screen drawing update suffices. Just moving the canvas a tiny bit, or zooming, or quickly pressing a modifier key or space is a remedy.

Thx for reporting!


And replying on Christmas- Wow!.


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I had experienced this myself, but it went away without me understanding why. I’m glad to know the workaround.