2.5b bug: Info box section showing x/y position & w/h not updating, showing previous selection at times

Glyphs 2.5b (1082). Also, in (1078), at least.

The section of the Info box that shows up when selecting multiple nodes seems to be using the previous selection. It also sometimes does not display.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select a couple nodes.
  2. Verify that the Info box showing x/y w/grid & w/h values is showing.
  3. Select a couple different nodes.
  4. Info box doesn’t update. If one selects different spots of the grid, the Info box shows data from the previous selection.

I thought I recalled times where I could select in the grid to get the correct data to update for the new selection.

The selection is being done by dragging with the mouse to select multiple nodes. When selecting individually with Shift-click, the Info box seems to update properly.

I have a look