3.2 Edit view breaks when non-ASCII characters are used

I’m running the latest cutting-edge Glyphs (3.2), and drawing a few alt forms, all named with the .bold suffix.

Inserting these alt glyphs seems to break the editing tools in Edit view: when I insert the .bold glyphs with command-F or by copying and pasting, the text often rearranges itself in seemingly random ways. Sometimes the new glyph disappears; sometimes other, unrelated glyphs disappear, or glyphs switch positions with each other, or jump to another line.

Can someone help? Thanks!

Restarting the app doesn’t help?

Afraid not. Restarted, reinstalled, no joy.

do you have any features active in the edit view?

Yes, liga! Turned it off and things seems to be working again. Thanks!

But is this a known bug, or something unique to my setup?

This should not happen. Could you send me your file? I can’t reproduce it.

Thanks, Georg. Can I use office at glyphsapp dot com?

Use support at this domain. Thanks.