[3048] Subtable Overflow in GPOS

I’ve tried to export my older typeface Quinoa again after a couple of years and am now getting the following error. This didn’t use to happen. Is this a bug, or did the requirements for GPOS subtables somehow change in the meantime?
Screenshot 2021-01-06 at 01.53.23

Can you send me the .glyphs file?


BTW: I can export this file’s fonts just fine in Glyphs 2. It just literally takes an hour. :weary:

We are looking into this.

I still can’t export Quinoa in [3075].

Even with the Use Extension Kerning parameter?

How do I add that? It’s not in the list of selectable custom parameters.

Might it be a problem that I still use Version 2 file format for that typeface?

Add the Use Extension Kerning parameter to the font in Font info. It should work fine with the version 2 format.

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the file format version has nothing to do with this.

Thanks for the quick reply! Trying it out now, looks promising.