[3061] Glyph /llinebelow/ vanishes during export

The Infant series of my Ysabeau typeface currently fails to export, citing this problem:

Of course, the glyph does exist, and as far as I can tell, the instance’s custom parameters should not destroy it:

Decompose should apply to all glyphs in the typeface so as to avoid unexpected component swapping. Remove features presumably does nothing to the actual glyphs? And Rename Glyphs contains this relevant line:


Both of these glyphs exist, so I don’t see how one of them could get lost.

I recently had trouble with /rlinebelow, which decided to rename itself /rmacronbelow unexpectedly, but llinebelow doesn’t seem to want to do that when I use Update Glyph Info on it.

The file is available here.

The problem persists in [3063]. What is more, I also can’t export that typeface in Glyphs 2 anymore since I now get the following error:

The LOCL feature looks like this:

Is it a problem that NLD shows up in locl_latn_2 and locl_latn_3?

Combined, these two bugs currently prevent me from exporting my typeface in either of the two Glyphs versions until one of them is fixed. :frowning_face:

I’ll have a look. For now, you can remove line 39+40 to make it work in Glyphs 2.

I fixed the original problem. Thanks for the reminder.

The update is up.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

But I no longer even get to the point where the original error occurred. I now get this almost instantly:

I didn’t change that Glyph since last it worked.

Closing this thread because it is going off topic. There are threads about overlap removal issues. Pasting a screenshot of the outlines may help.

I’m working on the remove overlap issue.

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