[3075] Glyphs no longer recognizes CTRL-SHIFT-Arrow for adjusting sidebearings

When I press CTRL-SHIFT-Leftarrow in text mode, nothing happens. (CTRL-SHIFT-Rightarrow sometimes works?) CTRL-SHIFT-ALT-Leftarrow definitely still works for kerning, though.

Can you check in system preferences of a global shortcut is set?

I’ve never touched those settings. There seem to be a few global shortcuts defined (such as to switch keyboard layouts), but nothing with arrow keys.

There are usually default shortcuts for changing Spaces. Maybe they reset themselves?

Those are off:

If you’ve installed the 1.0 of my plugin Keyboard Selection Travel, then there was a bug that blocked/overloaded Control-Shift-Arrow by default. This is fixed in the 1.0.1 which should be installed automatically by Glyphs.


Hi Florian, thanks for the tip! You were right about the plugin. I didn’t remember I had the plugin installed, but there it was. Apparently it wasn’t automatically patched.