[3112] [Monterey] Zooming by pinching no longer works

While editing in Glyphs [3112], the two-finger pinch gesture for zooming no longer works on my MacBook Pro (recently updated to Monterey). It does work in other apps, and I believe it did work just a short while ago.

EDIT: Never mind, it works again. No idea what was wrong.

Which plug-ins do you have installed at the moment?

Happened to me too once, but not only in Glyphs, in all apps. A restart cured it.

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It just happened again… seems to be a thing.

Where can I see that? Mostly just RMX, I think.

Script > Open Scripts Folder, navigate to Plugins. Paste the contents here (as text).

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Is it (a) the latest version and (b) the one for Glyphs 3?

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It’s version 1.1.13 G3, so definitely Glyphs 3. Not sure about the latest version.

I don’t think that this is caused by a plugin. Probably something in the system.

You’re right, Georg: