3180 Distance & Angle Plugin values not showing

With 3180, the Distance & Angle plugin doesn’t show values anymore. The field is just empty.

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Thank you @Legilux for reporting!
We’re on it

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Hello! Any updates? I’ve experienced the same problem too.

++ I Found this topic from Show Distance & Angle GitHub, and here’s the issue comment

Show-Distance-And-Angle-Of-Nodes/plugin.py at cbe788a9d904ad02380e62f273299a12e8d3679e · Mark2Mark/Show-Distance-And-Angle-Of-Nodes · GitHub

now spits out

AttributeError: '__NSCFString' object has no attribute 'drawAtPoint_color_alignment_'

It worked until incl. 3179

Reported by a user in the forum as not showing text.

@schriftgestalt do you know what you changed in Glyphs? Was that a category, that you changed? I see that you added that method in the past, and it’s not part of NSString.

I fixed it.

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Still not fixed for me with 3184. Get the same message in the macro window as @orioncactus .

Can you remove and re-install the plugin?

Thanks a lot for that hint! Everything’s fine now :slight_smile: