3228: Copy paths with corner components loses them on special nodes

When you copy a path that has corner components on “normal” nodes and on “special” nodes (the ones on path intersections), the copy has only the “normal” corner components, but not the other ones.

The lost corner components are then still sticking at the original path, but with a blue highlight as circle instead of the shape the corner should have.

This and the following is in 3228 and 3151.

Also, correcting Path direction still/again moves the corners components around in some occasions.

Also, when you opt-drag a copy out of a path with corner components, the copy loses all of them.

Aaaaand, when you use “Component from Selection”, the newly created glyph also loses those “special” node corners.

And one more:
When you use the entire glyph with both kinds of components itself as a component

  1. Which then is set to “Mask”, the “normal” corners show, but the “special” node corners don’t.

  2. Also, when using “Glyph as Image” to export it as SVG or PDF, same thing: corners missing.

  3. If you just decompose that component, same thing.

It is frankly quite frustrating how buggy corner components still are. I never manage to get a project done with them without having all kinds of weird issues with them.

This could be interesting for debugging: The only way I can get these corners is by exporting as OTF. When I open that, everything is decomposed as expected.

I fixed a small issue that should improve it a bit. Thanks for pointing this out.

Do you have a sample glyph?

fixed it

Can you send me that file?

Yes, thank you! File is sent.