3241: STAT/avar issues? Errors in Firefox

With a single axis (weight) font with axis location customer parameters set, these errors show up in the Firefox console when using the variable font:

downloadable font: avar: Axis value map out of order

downloadable font: avar: A required mapping (for -1, 0 or 1) is missing

downloadable font: STAT: Unexpected non-zero offsetToAxisValueOffsets

downloadable font: Table discarded

I am not getting this error with a multiaxis font, interestingly. Any idea what could be going on? :thinking:

there seems to be something wrong with the master or instance order.

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just to make sure I understood correctly - you mean something wrong in this version of Glyphs (and not in my font file)?

I would check the font file first. Can you post a screenshot of your master and instances lists?

ah yeah - there was an axis in one of the master axis locations that didn’t actually exist in the font. double clicking it solved the problem.