3245: glyphspackage: glyph couldn't be saved in the folder "glyphs"

I was brave enought to update to 3245. What is this?


Next to my working glyphspackage file (2.4MB), there is an (Autosaved).glyphspackage file (32kB). The glyphs folder is empty.

What was the previous version you used? I didn’t change any about autosaving in the last few updates.
Can you remove the “(Autosaved).glyphspackage” and check if it fixes it? If not, does it make a difference if you put the original file somewhere else?
If that doesn’t help, can you send me the original file?

Interesting. I saved it to a different location. There, the autosave works. However, if I save it again in the original location, it doesn’t work anymore.

It works fine in 3239. There, the (Autosave) file is a .glyphs file, not .glyphspackage. Why did this change?

For big files, it is a lot quicker to autosave as a package as it only needs to save glyphs that have changed.

What location is this where is can’t autosave?

It’s an external SSD. It works fine on my desktop.

Are there some funny letters in the path to that folder? And how long is the full path to the file?

There are no weird letters in the file path, not that I can tell.


Interestingly, it works fine on my laptop, where I am not working on an external SSD.

I can try again this afternoon with my external SSD whether it works in a different location on that external SSD.

Okay, it also doesn’t work in a different location on the external SSD. What can I do?

What is the file system of the SSD, might be some file system case sensitivity issue.

What model is the SSD and what file system is it using?

What happens if you manually save as .glyphPackage.

The model is a Samsung T7, 1TB. File system APFS.

Saving the glyphspackage manually works without a problem.

Fixed it and update is out.

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