3D Type for AR/VR

The font/typography is a 2 dimensional object. When it comes to AR/VR experience everything takes the 3D shape. When we think about fonts being displayed in the AR/VR, it is a flat (infinitely narrow) object kept in the AR/VR environment. What seems obvious as a solution to me is to make the fonts 3D by adding depth.
I am not sure if this could be a simple add-on or would be a brand new tool, either way its worth a while thinking.
Would love what people have to say.

Just adding depth should be possible in any 3D environment.
Building a fully 3D font editor is to much out of scope. And as far as I know, there are no standardized 3D font format. I know if a company that build and sells After Effects templates that can be used to set 3D, animated titles.

Thanks for your time.