669 is disaster version

Cmd S
Cmd W
Ctrl click…
Everything crashes G2.

  • When I drag file over the icon in the dock, it crashes.

I already sent you all of the reports.

I fixed that, already. But want to finish something else before update. I should have updated first…

Any info about when will update be available?

Which OS are you running? 10.9?
And which plugins are installed?

Cmd-W and Cmd-S, and drag-and-drop open does not crash my 669 in Yosemite. Right-click in the Font tab does.

Are you working with .glyphs files or UFO? I only had 669 crash problems with UFO files.

Is it fixed with version 670?

OS 10.10.1
No spacial plugins, everything worked fine 'til 669

Glyphs file.

Close and Save are fixed now
Ctrl Click in font view still crashes Glyphs, I sent you two reports a few minutes ago.

I just noticed a small red triangle when (number of) anchors are inconsistent across masters.
It is a nice addition, but could we have a option to turn it on / off
as it’s not cruical problem for inconsistency. Or is it?

It can lead to strange errors. Why would you do it in the first place?

Better solution is to wait for my All Anchors On All Layers script. Out tomorrow.

Georg Seifert
Didn’t know about strange errors you mentioned and frankly didn’t saw any until now. I just thought anchors are not so important they have to be compatible too across all masters.

PS: I am another happy user of Move Anchors too.

Lucky you that you never had problems with missing anchors. Perhaps it is a good day to check all your recent interpolations of diacritics, haha.

The All Anchors on All Layers script is in the Anchors subfolder now:

PS: That makes three people already! One more and it must be a movement :slight_smile:

As the matter a fact, I had three inconsistent places on the four master MM
with 1600 + glyphs. I’m quite strict with the anchors, but when I saw warning
red triangle for the glyhs everything is ok, it took me a few minutes I understood
it is warning for the anchors inconsistency. You should announce changes like this one
more explicit and loud. Somewhere.

I’m sure we can find another one for MAS - Moving Anchors Society :slight_smile:

If we get seven more members before next week, it will be X-MAS :slight_smile:

For the betas, keep an eye on the change log. Version 669 had this, among other things: Improve the compatibility checker. It will check "brace" layers and look for anchors

I admit I take just a quick look of the betas change log.
Will be more attentive from now on.