A bug report


  • When creating a fraction automatically by components, e.g. oneeighth, the standard spacing of the right refers to the right spacing of the first component (in this example one.numr, not eight. numr). It has the right value, but updating the metrics changes it.
  • When adding an italic-angle, the layer names change from Regular to Regular Italic for example. So should the alternate master layers like Regular [90].
  • When the glyph consists of only one open path, deleting it doesn’t delete it from the preview
  • When undoing a slanting/cursifying, the anchors (like top, bottom, ogonek) don’t move back to the origin.

Feature Requests

  • Variation-layers could be sortable in contrary order, so the newest copies are following the main layers. When having already a lot of copied layers it’s always a lot of scrolling, because the one I am working with and I am comparing to the main layer is the latest copy.
  • Open paths too should have a definable starting point. Not showing an arrow/triangle is okay, I guess, but the option setting a starting point should have an effect. Sometimes I take the inner and the outer outline and use the transform-background-option to define the skeleton of the glyph. By nature the two outlines don’t have the same direction. For now I need to add “tails” to the paths to define ending points.
  • in spacing a fixed numeric value like “=50” should be possible, so if you move the outlines and you select “update metrics” it can keep a specific value.

Thank you for your input.

The open path problem is already solved though: Technically, it is a reverse path operation (best via the context menu), not setting a new start point.

I’ve been meaning to report the fraction bug, which I’m also seeing.
Those first and last feature request are great ideas!

The result of Make Component Glyph is not instantly shown in any view (you have to refresh UI manually, like going to other masters or opening other tabs first). This seems to happen when you run it on multiple glyphs, both in Font view and Edit view.

It is instant for the current glyph in Edit View.

For a UI update (in either Font or Edit View) after Make Component Glyph has been applied to a larger selection, it is enough to change the selection. So, just press an arrow key, and the view will update.

I noticed that it does update the visual instantly in some occasion. But I think non-immediate update is a new bug, though it’s not serious.