A font with no "WinAnsiEncoding"

When trying to print an Invoice (from an accounting software), my customer got this error:

First i thought it was all about embedding so I tried generating with selecting Custom Parameter FsType Print & Preview, or Editable. No change.

I have never seen something like this.

My guess is that the program expects some characters that are not in the font. There is a default filter in the sidebar called Windows 1252. This is WindowAnsi. Right click it and select all entries in the popup and hit generate.

What is the name of the font?

The error says characters referencing the font were not representable in the encoding. Best to keep your family name in ASCII.

Thanks. I will try Georg’s tip first. I will add missing glyphs from Windows 1252.
The font name is AyonTFO-Medium.

I would double check for invisible characters in the names.

Yes - Georg’s trick just did it. The TTF with Windows 1252 works. Thanks for solving that mystery.